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Rexona Advanced Whitening Fresh Rose Deodorant

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Rexona Advanced Whitening Fresh Rose Deodorant

Shaving and plucking damages the delicate skin of your underarms, causing it to darken over time.

What if there’s a deodorant that not only gives you whitener underarms, naturally, but also the freshness that you need to get through the hot weather?

Seems impossible? Not anymore!

NEW Rexona Advanced Whitening Fresh Rose combines natural whitening ingredients, vitamin E and licorice extract with Rexona’s unique Motionsense technology and a fresh rose scent to give you naturally whiter underarms, that stay dry and fresh all day!

For whiter underarms that you can be proud of, while giving you the all-day freshness you deserve, try NEW Rexona Advanced Whitening Fresh Rose today!

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