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Lipton Lipton Specialty Range

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Discover the brand-new Lipton specialty tea range, specially selected and blended by the master tea blenders. Using only the finest fresh top leaves of the plant, every cup is crafted with perfection to taste and aroma. Indulge yourself by taking your pick of flavor that best fits different moments of your day. Make every moment #LiptonMoments.

Lipton Earl Grey - Fragrant black tea with bergamot orange flavour

Lipton English Breakfast - Traditional blend of rich black tea

Lipton Chamomile - Calming herbal infusion with chamomile flowers

Lipton Peppermint - Refreshing herbal infusion with mint leaves

#LiptonMoments #LiptonTea 

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  • Fill-up the questionnaire with honesty :)
  • Be patient, wait for the testers selection email
  • If you are selected, we will deliver the 4 product variants to your address
  • Try Lipton specialty range - all 4 flavours: •English Breakfast – In the morning •Peppermint – In the afternoon •Chamomile – In the evening •Early Grey – Anytime of the day
  • Take a picture of you with the product kit and share it public on Facebook & Instagram with the following hashtags #LiptonMoments #LiptonTea and #TryandReviewAsia
  • Log-in to to post your picture and reviews on each 4 flavours (fragrance, taste, packaging) as soon as you try the products. We’ll love to get your feedback as one of the first consumers of Lipton Specialty Range in Malaysia! :)


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